Social Bookmarking Sites

Social Bookmarking Sites

Bookmarking helps us to access our favorite webpages in a fast manner. This article provides information about the social bookmarking sites, and their use in our everyday lives.

These are sites that allow users to bookmark their favorite pages. They do not include all the content of the bookmarked website; simply a markup for a particular webpage. It also allows others to use and peruse through the bookmarks. When it comes to Internet marketing of articles and blogs, these sites are a lot of help.

List of Bookmarking Sites

  • – It can be exported to several formats. Popular and recent bookmarks are visible, and ability to shorten URLs is also a feature of this site.
  • – Creates an organized page for all your bookmarks, that can shared with friends and family. It can be accessed from any computer.
  • – Checks out the most popular links of each day. You can set “The Daily Routine” as your homepage.
  • – It allows public and private bookmarks, tag cloud, related tags, duplicate detection with information merging, etc.
  • – It has dynamic folders, and it bookmarks all the links of a webpage.
  • – Saves your bookmarks, tags them with keywords for easy searching within your list, shares them with others, etc.
  • – It is a tabbed user page showing a network of friends, bookmarks, and related features. It also allows you to import contacts from all the major mail services such as Gmail and Yahoo.
  • – Bookmarks a site, and adds tags. When you look up a tag, you get the names, and also a small thumbnail site image.
  • – Stores your bookmarks online, shares some or all of them, discovers new sites to visit by searching the public bookmark areas, etc.
  • – Allows you to browse random “chipmarks”, share them, sort, filter, and get personal recommendations.
  • Complore – Provides 10MB of file storage, public and private sharing, tag cloud, popular feeds, and more features.
  • – It is mainly used for enterprise-scale business.
  • Connectedy – Imports your bookmarks, batch edits them, checks in on trending topics, etc.
  • – It is used specifically for researchers, clinicians, and scientists.
  • – Highlights portions of a page, writes on it, shares with your group, and searches all publicly saved pages.
  • – Organizes your bookmarks by tags, adds comments and notes, shares publicly, subscribes to certain tags so that you can be notified when a new site is added, etc.
  • – It has all the usual social bookmarking goodies, but you can also add links via email.
  • – Exports your folders to HTML, imports and removes duplicates, and deletes all bookmarks.
  • – You can donate your bookmarks to this site to help them recommend other ones, and get a better understanding of how each person bookmarks.
  • – It imports/exports, categorizes, note sharing, blocks users, RSS, and tags.
  • – It provides folders and searches for folder names.
  • – Helps out with ratings, notes, categories, smart categories, and in-page editing.
  • – Here, the links open in new windows; one can subscribe to tags and browse by archives.
  • – You can discuss all the saved bookmarks in groups, see what the Featured Linker is all about, and join discussions in the Hot Group.
  • – Allows you to bookmark and tag, search for tags that interest you, and make friends having interesting saved sites.
  • – Saves your bookmarks in folders, tags them with keywords, shares them with others, and password protects them.
  • – Provides you with folders, tags, clippings, and can store up to 100 MB of data for free.
  • – Shares your already existing bookmarks, discusses and rates sites, etc.
  • – Has user and global tag cloud, blogs, social networking, avatars, forums, etc.
  • – Lets you “channel surf” the Internet and review sites. It learns what you like, and recommends more of the same.
  • – It is a basic site, but with the ability to look backwards at specific days for related information.
  • – You can vote on links, as well as add thumbnails for sites.
  • – Provides tags, rating, search, public and private listings, drag-and-drop sorting, etc.
  • Yahoo! My Web – One button click adds your bookmarks to the search engine giants system; it features duplicate detection, which helps you to keep your bookmarks tidy.

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The following list allows bookmarks with clippings, as well.

  • – Saves sites for later reading, shares your list or keeps it private, and even sends your saved pages to your blog for wider sharing.
  • – Like an online scrapbook, one can clip out the part of a particular site, and share it with other people.
  • – It allows you to clip the chosen parts of a webpage, save them to the main website, or even insert them into your own blog.
  • – You can add your bookmarks, and access them from anywhere. You can also check out what other people are saving.
  • – Not only can you do the standard bookmarking and sharing, but you can save archived versions of webpages, as well. You can even export all your saved pages to a ZIP file.
  • – Allows the user to keep private information, share, mark as friends only, edit bookmark dates, etc.
  • – It can cluster your tags based on the recommendations by other users.
  • – It performs all the usual tasks, detects the changed links, and distributes your bookmarks via your blog’s RSS.
  • – You can upload your existing bookmarks to get started, add more for centralized access, check out hot lists and recommendations, etc.
  • – It has the ability to add your own Google Ads to the top of your profile page.
  • – Provides you with an inbox, group creation, directory, all the usual features, and also sends your RSS feed to the site.


While many of the local social bookmarking sites have a tendency to have geo-specific bookmarks, the sites listed above have minimum disadvantages, and are also very user-friendly. For people who are new to the concept of social bookmarking, one might consider it as a good option to go through the sites, before beginning many activities on it.

Online bookmarking helps the websites to rank on search engines. This helps to increase web traffic, and making it a profitable field for earnings. As such, websites and blogs that are into search engine optimized content, prefer to have their content bookmarked, and making their page more optimized. This is known as “on page SE”, which allows a bookmarked page to be available at the bookmarking sites. Moreover, the traffic at the websites also increases due to the visitors, who click on such marked pages. This makes online earning, a far more lucrative activity.

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