You’ll Be Amazed to Know So Many Types of Communication Devices

Types of Communication Devicesf it wasn’t for the various types of communication devices around us, keeping in touch with others, and being updated with our environment, wouldn’t be as simple as it seems to be as of now. So, why not go through some of the main kinds of communication devices and marvel on man-made technology!

The basic principle behind the process of communication, is to pass on information to the desired people or person, and to make sure that they have understood it in the very same manner as you intended to, which can be done through obtaining proper feedback. Which means that a proper communication includes a sender (who sends the information), the receiver (who receives the information), and the feedback from the receiver to the sender, stating that he or she has received and understood the information in the intended manner.

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There are different types of communication, including verbal communication and non-verbal communication which can take place either formally or informally. Communication devices are the means to effective communication which can be chosen based on the kind of communication you are willing to make. For example, sending an email to your girlfriend asking ‘how are you’ seems foolish when you can actually just text or call her! On the other hand, you can’t text your colleagues an important notice, as an email would be a more appropriate way of doing it. Therefore, there are different types of devices that are chosen based on the need, convenience and appropriation of the situation and the people you are communicating with!

What are the Different Types of Communication Devices?

There are many different types of devices that can be used for effective communication. Based on the direction of the communication, there are 3 types of communication. Firstly, there is the Simplex Communication, wherein only the sender sends the information but is unable to receive any feedback from the receiver, like in a radio or television. Secondly, there is the half duplex system of communication wherein the communication takes place between both the sender and the receiver, but not at the same time, like in case of a telephone. And lastly, we have the full duplex system of communication wherein two people can communicate face to face simultaneously, like in video calling. Mentioned below are the different devices that have made keeping in touch a lot simpler and easier.

Types of Verbal Communication Devices

As the name suggests, these devices enable people to communicate verbally using languages, sounds and words. They give you a chance to communicate through your voice to the other person. Such communication devices include-

  • Telephone and Mobile phones
  • Radio Transmission
  • Television
  • Video calling through internet using cell phones, messengers or Skype

Types of Non-verbal Communication Devices

These devices enable us to communicate using other means other than communicating verbally. It could be trying to convey something through mere gestures, or emotions. Take the poking on the Facebook account that you get from your friends as an example! Some of the most commonly used non-verbal communication devices are-

  • Social networking sites like Orkut, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Texting and paging
  • Electronic mails
  • Writing letters or sending cards using postal services. (Though it is considered to be old-fashioned and time-consuming, I think it is a very sweet means to communicate with your loved ones)
  • People also used smoke, pigeons, horses and owls in the olden days to communicate their messages, but that wouldn’t be a good idea these days!

These devices are used in the modern world to keep in touch with each other, be it personally or professionally! At times I wonder, if it wasn’t for the curious mind of us humans, looking for techniques to make life much more comfortable, would it be even possible for us to live in a technological era with so much of advances and luxury?! Anyway, I consider myself to be blessed to have been living in a world where communication doesn’t mean traveling for days and months altogether just to know if someone is alright! And thanks to this communication device that I got an opportunity to put this write up across for you guys to read. Aren’t communication devices just so wonderful?!

Postal pigeon and mailing envelope.
Mobile phone

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